So, What Are We Doing Here?

I thought I’d start out this blog with a post with a bit of information. Writing isn’t something I do a lot of, but I am hoping to get a little more proficient with this blog over the next six months or so. But, for now, I’ll jump in with the 5W frame.


My name is Angela. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I like to travel. I started travelling a bit about 10 years ago, mainly around Canada and the States on short vacations, with a couple of trips overseas to visit with friends. The countries I’ve visited so far are:

  • Canada (of course)
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand


The next trip is an exchange trip to Asia. I heard about this great opportunity to do an exchange trip, submitted an application, interviewed, and was lucky enough to be selected to go. The exchange is a Group Study Exchange through the Rotary Club. (I’m sure I’ll be providing more information as the weeks/months go on!)


The trip is in the Spring of 2013 for about a month.


This is the exciting part. The trip is to Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Thailand! (The Brunei part got cancelled, but we did add a weekend in Thailand to attend a conference.) While I have been to Malaysia for a weekend, it was not nearly long enough, and I only got to experience a very small part of Malaysia. I’ve only been to Bangkok in Thailand, and won’t get to see a lot of Thailand this trip either, just Phuket, but I’m glad to be able to see what I can. I have not yet been to Singapore or Brunei.


I was at a conference in Washington D.C. last month, and one evening, I was at an Irish Pub with some fellow Canadians I’d just met and we were talking about travel. I mentioned my upcoming exchange, and one of the guys suggested I write a blog about all of my experiences. We chatted for a bit, and I thought that would be a great idea. It’s a great way to keep people at home up to date on my travels when I am away, and a great way for me to keep all my thoughts together. When I get back, I will be writing a report, and telling my story to the organization that is sending me, and maybe talking to future people going on exchanges. This will help me to keep all those details together!

I expect I will learn a lot in both the preparation for this trip as it is my first trip where I’m not organizing it all myself, and on the trip itself. It should be interesting!