Reacting to Changes

I’ve been following the headlines about the conflict in Malaysia since I first heard about it a few days ago, and was hoping that I’d hear that it was all settled. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe that everyone decided to stop the violence and just live and let live? I know this isn’t necessarily realistic, especially not in that time frame. 

We got news this morning that because of the uncertainty, they have changed our itinerary, and we will be staying away from Sabah. This made me a little sad, though I agree that it was the right decision and I am happy that they are putting our safety first. Sandakan is only 120km from the conflict zone. 

When my team and I first met, we were each given areas to research and Sandakan was one of the places I was assigned. I spent some time researching the town and the surrounding area and was really looking forward to seeing it all in person and meeting the people. Instead of visiting, I will now be hoping that the people in that area stay safe. I will still be following the news and hope that the conflict ends soon and there are no more deaths. 

But on the plus side, we now get to go to Kuching, Sarawak! I have heard amazing things about Kuching, and I think it will be a fantastic place for us to spend the last few days of our time in Malaysia. I think I see some research in my future this weekend to start to get (even more) excited about this change in the itinerary.