Update, no updates…

I must say that as someone who feels really anxious without plans, I’m doing pretty well with the “planning” for this trip. I think it is because I know that there are people who are taking care of this for me. And, if they don’t take care of it, then my team leader will step in and make sure everything happens as it should. It kind of feels like I’m a kid again, and my team leader is my mom watching out for me. I’m already thinking of how I can thank her for taking care of us. 

In this program I’m in, we’re supposed to have our itineraries about six weeks before we go so that we have a chance to review them, make sure our job placements are in line with our interests, etc. We leave in five days. We still do not have a complete itinerary. We don’t have all our flight info. I do know the names of the people I’m supposed to stay with in three of the six towns we’re visiting . I know that people on our end have been trying to get this all figured out, but I think it is a cultural difference and they may be much more laid back in the “planning” department than we are. Again, I’m shocked that I’m not stressed about this lack of details! I was at my mom’s on the weekend, and it was weird to say “No, Mom, I can’t give you the details of where I’ll be staying as I don’t know them yet.” Instead, I gave her the name and number of our coordinator here, hoping that if she needs to reach me, he’ll be able to figure out where I am. 

Last night, I was messaging with the team leader from the other district who is here now. She was telling me a bit about my billet that I’m staying with in the first leg of the trip. She told me that the one I was supposed to stay with has changed, and that I’m now staying with her best friend. Even though I haven’t met this woman, it was nice to know that I’m staying with her friend! This time next week, I’ll be settled in at that friend’s house, happily getting ready for my first work placement the next day. 

As for the work placements, it seems like there are a few really cool placements lined up for me in Singapore. I’m not sure which of them I’m going to, but I’ve been emailing back and forth with a man there who has been fantastic at trying to get me a good placement. I am quite excited about that part of the trip! 

Now, if I could only figure out what to pack.